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Our Goal

"caring for what matters most"

We want you to feel the peace of mind of not only having a pest free home or business but to also have the peace of mind that you, your family as well as your pets and the environment are in good hands. We all love our pets and children and here at Shamrock Pest Services LLC feel the exact same. I'm an animal lover myself and own 3 dogs 2 cats as well as a bearded dragon (pictured) and understand the fear of using rodenticides and pesticides around your pets and family. We make it our mission to use what is only necessary in targeted effective treatments reducing and often eliminating your family, pets and environment to exposure to chemicals. Our skilled technicians implement controlled IPM (integrated pest management) recommendations and chemical applications in a safe and effective manner limiting You, your family and environment from any unwanted and unnecessary chemical exposure .  - Andrew (owner)