• Andrew Moynihan

The American Dream, My Pest Control Business Story.

Shamrock Pest Services LLC started as a dream. My family first moved to America in 1990 From Ireland. I was born in County Meath (Mead) Ireland in 1987 and moved to a small town outside Perth Australia. From there me and my family immigrated to America. We moved to Boston and ive been living in and around the Boston area my whole life. My father became a Massachusetts state police officer and my mother became a nurse. I went to a vocational high school and learned automotive tech. I spent a few years as a mechanic but the money wasn't there in the industry as this was around the 2008 financial crisis. I decided to try and find a new industry and found a pest control company that took me in trained me and got me licensed. My passion began there I was fascinated by how truly important pest control is and how behind the scenes pest control is a major factor in protecting the worlds well being and health. While it may seem like an after thought to most people without pest control there would certainly be more plagues and virus' do unchecked pest problems. The black plague was caused by fleas and those fleas were mainly transported by rodent like rats and mice who would enter peoples homes and the fleas would infect them. Imagine if pest control existed back then? Sure seems like it would have saved a lot of lives 🤔. Needless to say that wasn't the case but now we have pest control as part of general human health services. When I first got into the pest control industry I was blown away by the actual science, research and general knowledge you must have for what seems like a simple industry. We have been combating pests for thousands of years, and pest have been evolving to counter our methods. Its truly fascinating the defenses pests have evolved to continue their survival and also to continue to thrive around humans. That's where the science comes in a blew me away! For example did you know rats will sometimes pick up their own droppings and hide them somewhere. We call that a latrine and that is not common knowledge outside my industry. I started a route in Boston and I will tell you one thing. If you wanna learn how to do pest control make sure you get a city route hahaha. But I truly fell in love with the industry and started working real hard to further my knowledge and experience. I decided after my first 10 years in pest control I wanted to start my own business. I've worked hard my entire life I bought a home at the age of 27 and started Shamrock Pest Services LLC at the age of 34. I thought to myself along time ago that I couldn't just be in the pest control business I had to be in the peace of mind business as well. Pest issues are typically very unsettling to most people. I have seen grown men scared to death of mice and women who have no problem with them. Most of the times people are unsettled by creepy crawlers with a lot of legs(i.e. Spiders, Roaches etc.) or furry little creatures with hairless tails. (i.e. Rats and Mice) With that knowledge I discovered as a pest control technician I not only had to solve the issue/infestation that I had to put the customers mind at ease. Armed with my pest control training and research knowledge I was able to do just that! I understood how scary and unsettling it could be so I built my business off that goal. Not only providing pest control service but peace of mind. While we have amazing products now a days you need to know your enemy. Spraying baseboards and throwing poison in a basement/attic doesn't work it never really has but the science has come along way in a short period of time. The pest industry is an ever evolving industry and the challenge of it is what kept me in the industry and pushed me to start my own business. Just living the American dream!


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