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We have many ant species here in New England. Though the most common ants that invade our home here in Mass are the carpenter ant, pavement ant, little black ant and the odorous house ant. These pests enter buildings through small cracks and crevices, often attracted to food spills in kitchens or cafeterias. Others infest leaf litter and debris around a home or business. Although they can be unpleasant and bothersome, few are considered dangerous. One exception is the carpenter ant. It is a wood destroying insect that can set up nests inside the walls of a structure doing damage carving out their "gallery". If your home or business is having an ant issue or you would like to prevent ants from becoming a problem, please call us today! Our licensed technician will identify what type of ant, make the appropriate treatment, and give you advice on conducive conditions to help prevent future problems.

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Mice and rats are not only just unsightly and a nuisance, they can also be vectors for diseases cause damage inside a structure. Rodents chew wires increasing the risk of fires. Mice also urinate and defecate everywhere they go. Quick breeding rates cause rodent infestation to get out of control quickly.  If you are hearing noises in your walls/ceilings, finding droppings, or have seen one a rodent in your home or place of business call today! Our licensed technician will treat your home or commercial business safely using the best products in the industry. We will also inspect for entry points and potential future entry points and advise on how to exclude mice from entering. We offer exclusion services to stop rodents from entering your space. Take back your home or place of business from rodents, call us today!


Wasps & Hornets

Wasps and hornets can be aggressive towards humans and pets. We have many different flying stinging insects in New England that can even be deadly to some with allergies or even non allergic people when just injected with enough venom. We understand why most people fear such small things given the pain the bites and stings can cause. Yellow jackets and bald faced hornets are very aggressive species of wasps and can attack seemingly unprovoked when a nest is close by. When it comes to insects that aggressive, it's usually best to call in the experts. From ground nests to paper nests as well as void nests we treat it all. Our licensed trained technicians will come get stung for you! (just kidding) we are equipped with bee suits to get up close and personal to tackle even the scariest of nests. We also understand some of these flying stinging insects are beneficial and we take great care as to not harm pollinators such as honey bees. If you believe there is a honey bee colony on your property we can inspect and recommend a bee keeper to relocate the colony.  So let us take the sting out of your life and rid your property of pesky wasps and hornets call us today.



Mosquitoes are unfortunately a part of our everyday lives when the good weather rolls around. Mosquitoes are more than a nuisance they can carry deadly viruses such as west nile virus Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) just to name a few as well as passing on heart worms to our four legged companions. We offer a mosquito control program for your entire property with eco friendly options. So take back your yard from pesky mosquitoes and call us today for free quote about our mosquito control program.



Ticks are thriving year to year as the milder winters create more time for them to breed and also make for longer seasons where ticks are active. Ticks in the north east can spread many diseases such as Lyme disease, Babesiosis, and anaplasmosis, just to name a few. Ticks require blood in all stages of life. When a tick is in its larval stage it can be as small as a sesame seed making it extremly hard to see and can still spread diseases at these early stages. they can also spread these diseases to our 4 legged companions. So take back your yard and call us today to inquire about treating your property. We also offer Eco friendly options.

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Occasional Invader

Occasional invaders are insects that enter our home and generally don't cause any harm or damage and tend to be more of a nuisance or just plain unsightly. Brown marmorated stink bugs and western conifer seed bugs just to name a few have become a real problem in fall when they want to come in and early spring when they emerge from over wintering. The tick to treating for these occasional invaders is getting them before they come in. We offer fall exterior treatments to manage these "bugs" before they decide to over winter in your home. Give us a call today for a treatment plant to protect your home.


Home Owners Program

We offer a home owners program to cover your house from top to bottom. Whether your having multiple pest issues at your home or your just looking for preventative maintenance to keep your home pest free. We got you covered from mice to ants, wasps and occasional invaders are all covered under your plan. So let us keep your home pest free and call us today for free quote about our home owners program


Commercial Business and Restaurants

We offer service plans for all commercial businesses from restaurants to corporate offices and everything else in between. We'll solve your existing problems and provide preventative maintenance and monitoring services. Catching problems early and addressing them with the appropriate measures before they become a issue in your place of business. Give us a call today to set up a free quote and inspection and leave the rest to us!



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